August 8-13

Friends and Family II: Fostering Spiritual and Material Prosperity in the Family

With Laura and Jason Combs

How can we create dynamics within the family unit that leads to spiritual and material prosperity? This session will focus on assisting us to establish within our families a process of ongoing systematic learning- a mode of operation characterized by action, reflection, consultation, and study.  Through various hands-on activities and exercises, we will focus on developing skills for each step of this learning process:  making study of the Guidance a regular part of family life, taking up everyday concerns through consultation, carrying out the actions that emerge from the consultations in a unified manner, and reflecting on the outcomes of those actions. Includes a program for all ages 4 and up.

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August 15-20

Friends and Family III: Contributing to Processes that Promote Peace and Unity

With Mark Gilman and others

The principle of non-involvement in partisan politics can be taken as an abdication of moral responsibility on the part of the Bahá’í community: “If your commitment to justice is indeed authentic,” we are sometimes asked, “then why aren’t you directly engaging the forces of evil as we are, in the political arena?” The March 2 letter from the Universal House of Justice to the Bahá'í’s of Iran provides answers on many levels. It provides a vision of the “framework” that guides our action and explains our “strategy” for contributing to enduring social change, predicated on a “revised conception of power, freed from the notion of dominance.” Study of this letter will assist us in conversations about how we are working, both within the context of the development of our own community and in partnership with others, “to transform society”, “further the cause of unity, promote human welfare, and contribute to world solidarity.” Together, we will explore powerful and concrete alternatives to the culture of “contest, contention, division and superiority” that is impeding humanity’s ability to solve fundamental problems. A program for all ages 4 and up is included.

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August 15-20

Reaching Out to the Latino Community   

Jaque Bookwalter, Mauricio Brizuela, Leonardo Duque, Enidia Rinaldi, and others

Would you like to reach out to Latino friends or seekers in your community or work place?  Are you interested in improving your ability to communicate in Spanish? Would you like to increase your understanding of Hispanic culture?  You may have plans to visit or even pioneer to an area where speaking Spanish is most common. These are among the good reasons you would want to participate in this course.

The session is designed to help you gain confidence in communicating and sharing Baha’i concepts in Spanish. Although courses will allow for different levels of proficiency, participants should have basic Spanish abilities because communications will be conducted completely in Spanish. This engaging program includes interactive study, discussion, music, art and more.

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August 27-September 1

Justice: The Best Beloved of all Things

With Kiser Barnes, retired member of the Universal House of Justice

Nancy Barnes, Adalia Ellis, Jacob Hill, Gayle Gonzalez-Johnson, and Toufan Rahimpour 

Consider the nature and character of divine justice:  why it is “The best beloved of all things,” and a divine “gift.”  Why is it important to “Ponder this in thy heart how it behooveth thee to be”? Join us for an exploration of the value of justice for the progressive transformation of humanity; the purpose and functions of the concept in relation to Bahá’u’lláh’s Station as “the Fountain of the Most Great Justice” and to His Mission for the Oneness of Humanity. Together we will look at the relevance of such a powerful, complex force in connection with our spiritual development and service to the Cause of God.  

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October 9-12

`Irfán Colloquium:


`Irfán Colloquium aims at promoting deeper and systematic studies in the scriptures of the world's religions from the Bahá'í perspective, as well as verities, fundamental principles of the belief system, and the sacred writings of the Bahá'í Faith. The `Irfán Colloquium's program also includes presentations on the interface between the Bahá’í Faith and various religious traditions, and schools of thought as well as Bazm-i-Irfán for musical performances. Participating at the ‘Irfán Colloquium provides an opportunity for dialogue, networking and team-building among those engaged in Bahá’í studies. It is also a unique occasion for all those attending these gatherings to meet and associate with researchers and scholars and benefit from their presentations. Those attending the `Irfán Colloquium will receive a gift set of the `Irfán publications. Presentation of research papers on topics related to the aims and objectives of the 'Irfán Colloquium is welcome. A program for children and junior youth is included.

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